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Leather Apple Watch Band Brown on hand

High quality leather Apple Watch bands | Handmade in Sweden | Leather watch strap for Apple Watch Series 1 – 9, Ultra and Ultra 2 | Free shipping worldwide.

Our adapters will perfectly match your Titanium, Steel, Aluminum or Nike version.

And with options of 15 thread colors, you can pick what matches your watch and style best.

Our apple watch bands comes in 3 sizes which accommodates most wrist sizes -our design ensures a snug fit without being too tight.

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Handcrafted leather Apple Watch Bands


Nordic EDC leather Apple Watch Bands are an investment for life. They are handmade using 2.5mm thick leather. These are not only an excellent choice for your own watch but also make an awesome gift to your loved ones.

Our leather band is a game-changer. Crafted from Swedish full-grain leather from Tärnsjö Garveri, it doesn’t just look good—it feels great on your wrist. And as you wear it, the leather gets even better, taking on a unique patina that tells your story. Each band is hand-stitched with the tough-as-nails Tiger or Vinymo Thread, so you won’t have to worry about wear and tear. 

Nordic EDC watch bands are elaborately handcrafted from start to finish by Mano in Älmhult, Sweden. Each strap is made to order after the order is placed. One item at a time with incredible care and attention to details. We take a lot of pride in our work and back each strap with a lifetime warranty.

Apple Watch Band FAQs

Our Apple Watch bands come in two sizes. 

The first is designed for Apple watches with a lug width of 38, 40, or 41 mm. The second is designed for Apple watches with a lug width of 42, 44, or 45 mm. 

The length of the straps come in 3 sizes (short, standard, long) and are designed to fit a wrist circumference of 6” – 8.5”.

All our leather Apple Watch bands can be combined with all versions and generations of the Apple Watch Series 1 – 9 and the Apple Watch SE.

Are you looking for a band for the new Apple Watch Series 7 / 8 / 9?

For the larger model 45 mm please select the size 42/44/45mm, for the smaller model 41 mm please select the size 38/40/41mm.

Are you looking for a band for the Apple Watch Series 1 – 6 or SE?

If you need a band for the case size 44 mm or 42 mm, please select the size 42/44/45mm, for the smaller model 40 mm or 38 mm please select the size 38/40/41mm.

Leather watch straps offer the advantage of developing a distinctive patina over time, a testament to their durability and character.

Exercising while wearing your watch strap can aid in replenishing oils into the leather, maintaining its supple texture and expediting the development of a rich patina. This makes leather watch straps a favorable option for workouts, particularly for enthusiasts of the aged leather aesthetic.

Additionally, leather watch straps tend to be gentler on the skin compared to alternative materials, minimizing chafing during physical activity. This ensures that you can keep track of time and monitor your fitness goals comfortably.

Swapping out an Apple watch strap is simpler than changing a traditional one, thanks to the convenience of Apple link bracelets featuring a quick-release button. With a simple press, your old strap disengages, allowing you to effortlessly insert the new one.

Additionally, Apple provides a visual tutorial for replacing watch straps across all their watch models. This means that even if your Apple watch strap lacks a quick-release button, you can still easily follow the instructions and switch out your watch band independently.

We make every Apple Watch band in our small workshop in Älmhult, Sweden.  

These leather Apple Watch bands will develop a unique character and patina that reflects your journey through life. With each scratch, scuff, and mark, your belt will tell a story and become a cherished companion that stands the test of time.

We recommend cleaning your leather watch band with a leather-safe cleanser. Followed by applying a leather balm.

It’s a good idea to do this once every year or sooner if you feel the leather is getting a dry and developing micro cracks.

For the most part, we encourage our customers to leave their watch strap as-is. The best part about having full-grain leather is the beautiful patina that develops.

We like to use any good high quality silicone free leather conditioner for our leather Apple Watch bands.

1. Make sure that the Apple Watch band is dry and apply the conditioner generously.
2. Let it sit for an hour or two.
3. Then wipe off excess conditioner. 

Please note that if you have washed your leather or if it looks excessively dry, you may use some neatsfoot oil before using the conditioner. Let the neatsfoots oil dry before applying the conditioner. 

Leather is a natural and supple material. That comfort comes, in part, from the flexibility of the material. This does mean that the leather Apple Watch band, like all leather products, have the tendency to stretch a little bit over time. 

We account for the stretching of your leather band by offering additional belt loop holes so that you can tighten it as needed. 

However, with the 2.5mm leather that we use, it will not stretch too much. So it is best to always order your right size as shown in the guide above. 

Although it is possible to wash the leather Apple Watch band, we don’t recommend it to be done frequently. Honestly, I have never washed a leather band. However, if you may, then do so with just lukewarm water or baby soap if it is really dirty. Once you have cleaned your watch band, just let it dry at room temperature. Make sure you don’t dry the leather Apple Watch band with a hair dryer or keep it next to a radiator. That is a sure way to dry out and crack leather. Once the watch band is dried at room temperature, use some neatsfoot oil and put a light coat of high quality, silicone free leather conditioner. You are good to go!

The reason I created the leather Apple Watch Bands range was because my silicon Apple Watch band not only looked cheap but also broke in just a few months.
Leather Apple Watch bands can last a long time if taken well care of. The most important thing to keep the leather lasting a long time is to condition it with high quality leather conditioner periodically. We like to condition our everyday leather items once every 9-12 months. 

We use full grain vegetable tanned (chromium free) leather from the world renowned Tärnsjö Garveri in Sweden. Producing vegetable tanned leather is a more lengthy and costly process compared to cheaper and environmentally harmfull  chrome tanned leather. Not only is vegetable tanned leather beautiful, but it is also ethical.

All the leather from Tärnsjö Garveri are a byproduct of the meat industry. All of the animals have lived a free roaming life in farms around Tärnsjö. 

After experimenting with several thicknesses of leather watch bands, we have settled with 2.5mm thick leather. Not only is it comfortable to wear but also is just the right thickness to be extremely durable.  

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