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Co-create the best Trucker Wallet!

Co-create and win

Hi guys!

Here is your opportunity to participate in product development to co-create the best trucker wallet in the Nordic EDC wallets range. I would love to get some feedback from you while I design Nordic EDC’s first ever trucker wallet. Not only is it fun for me to hear from you directly, but in the end your feedback only makes the product better…way better than me doing it with my own assumptions!

Let’s co-create a trucker wallet!

Thanks once again!

best trucker wallet specs


Co-create Trucker Wallet Questions

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1. Do you already have a wallet you are happy with?
2. Does traditional saddle stitching by hand vs sewing machine stitching matter to you?
3. Which size of trucker wallet would you prefer?
4. Which leather choice would you prefer?
Here are the same leathers on our No. 62 short biker wallet.
5. Would you wear the trucker wallet with a lanyard or without a lanyard
Is there anything that you'd really like to add or remove in the design of this trucker wallet?


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