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The idea with this Trucker Wallet Short Blue was to take the traditional trucker wallet design as a base and make it more practical for everyday use. We first started with reducing the size so that the wallet sits nicely inside the back pocket. Reducing the size however, did not affect the practicality of the wallet. This trucker wallet has a dedicated card pocket in the front that can easily carry over 4 cards. It also contains a larger cash/cards pocket in the back that can carry over 6 cards and folded cash bills. We have kept the traditional zippered pocket to carry a good amount of coins as well. It also comes with a solid brass eyelet to be able to attach the wallet to a lanyard.

As with all our wallets, we are using full grain vegetable tanned leather from the world renowned Tärnsjö Garveri in Sweden for this Trucker Wallet Short Blue. We love this leather firstly because it is gorgeous to start with when new but very quickly develops a beautiful patina that reflects the users lifestyle. We all love a beautifully aged leather wallet! When you want a wallet that lasts long, it is crucial that the stitching is durable. Our Trucker Wallet Short Blue is saddle stitched by hand with contracting white Ritza 25 Tiger braided polyester thread to create one elegant, yet super durable leather wallet. Even if your wallet gets soaking wet, the thread is going to hold its strength. We love how this thread adds a decorative as well as rugged look to the wallet! Even the edges are bevelled, sanded and burnished by hand. We then dye the edges and put a light coat of natural beeswax before burnishing it to get its nice sheen. This wallet is completely handmade with a lot of love and attention to details and proudly carries our makers mark on it!

Nordic EDC leather wallets is made to last and instead of wearing out, this wallet will wear in and become more and more beautiful with a rich patina as you use it every day…a perfect Nordic EDC!

Trucker Wallet Short Blue

  • Trucker Wallet Short Blue is handmade in Sweden
  • 3 oz. full grain vegetable-tanned leather; the best quality leather available
  • TÜV Rheinland and Organic Control Standard (OCS) certified leather from Tärnsjö Garveri
  • Traditional saddle stitching by hand using 0.6mm Ritza 25 Tiger braided polyester thread
  • Burnished edges and lightly waxed by hand
  • 1x international cash/bills/cards pocket
  • 1x zipper coin pocket
  • 1x cards pocket
  • Solid brass attachment eyelet to attach a lanyard
  • Solid brass snap buttons
  • High quality Japanese YKK zippers
  • Size Closed: 115mm x 80mm x 23mm
  • Size Open: 115mm x 145mm x 20mm

How we make the Trucker Wallet Short


  • Where are your wallets made?

All our products including our Trucker Wallet Short Blue are handmade in Sweden.

  • How do you clean the Trucker Wallet Short Blue?

For the Trucker Wallet Short Blue, we recommend cleaning your wallet with a leather-safe cleanser. Followed by applying a high quality leather balm or conditioner. Make sure to not use silicon based products. It’s a good idea to do this every six months or sooner if you plan on exposing our goods to the elements. For the most part, we encourage our customers to leave their wallets as-is. The best part about having full-grain leather is the patina journey that develops.

  • What happens if the wallet accidentally goes through the washing machine?

Relax! Your wallet will not be ruined. However, the leather would loose a lot of oils and top layer finish that the leather comes with will be washed off. Think of leather as your skin. If you wash your hands for 30 mins straight, you will need to condition them. Same with leather. Just use some neatsfoot oil and let it dry fully. Then finish it off with some high quality wax based leather conditioner.

  • How long does it take to break my wallet in? 

The wallet might feel a little stiff in the beginning but in just use it the way you usually use your wallets and it will change its shape depending on how you carry your wallet. The leather pockets will feel tight? Again, give it some time and the leather will stretch to accommodate all your cards.

  • Which leather wallet colour should I choose? 

If you like patina on your leather goods, go for the lighter shades. Alternatively, if you like your leather goods to look like new for as long as possible, the go for darker leathers.

  • Do leather wallets last longer than regular wallets? 

Not all wallets are made the same. Cheap fake leather or textile wallets don’t last long at all. Leather wallets do last longer. However, not all leather wallets are made the same. Very often the failure point in a leather wallet is the stitching. That’s why we use the most durable hand saddle stitching technique for our stitches. And to add even more strength, we use the super durable Ritza 25 Tiger braided polyester thread which keeps its integrity even when the wallet gets wet.

  • Does the wallet come with any warranty?

We stand behind all our products and we are so confident of their quality, that we offer a lifetime warranty on all our products.

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