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6 account to follow if you like heritage fashion

Heritage Fashion

If you like heritage fashion check out some of our friends who have not only supported Nordic EDC throughout our journey so far but are some of the best dudes in the denim community! These guys are killing it in my opinion when it comes to rugged heritage style!!

Let’s start with the one who started it all for us! David aka @japanalogue_official. 
David is our first customer. Can you imagine you starting a company doing your leathercraft, unsure, scared of being judged and suddenly you get an order validating your craft? And that too from Japan! 

Dave is living the dream of a denim enthusiast. He gets to meet the founders of all these amazing Japanese denim brands and understand their philosophy behind their craft. He runs a fantastic blog focused on Japanese denim and denim brands. You have to follow Dave if you want to know the inside story on new amazing denim stuff coming out of Japan. 


Next is Brian aka @boothunter. Brian has always been kind to me just as he is to so many makers around the world. He also runs the @themakersmic account on Instagram. The thing with Brian is that he is the go to authority when it comes to high quality boots. Not only does he own them all but also works with several of them to design limited edition boots. If you are into heritage boots, it goes without saying that you have to follow Brian @boothunter! 


@MartInDenim aka Martin is truly always in denim! 🙂 I love it when he shows up everyday in our feed bring more heritage denim, selvedge, shirts and footwear brands to check out. Cool dude from Poland with an awesome heritage denim style. He too is a big supporter of Nordic EDC and we appreciate him a lot. Check out his accessories of rings, vintage bandana lanyards and awesome beanie hats done by his wife Ola aka @_ombreola_ 


Next up is a dressed up denim dude from Sweden. Erik aka @dressedupdenimdude. If you want daily outfit inspirations (who doesn’t?) then you have to check Erik out. Always sharp dressed with heritage fashion outfits that match the season! Not only is he a chill dude but also quite crafty. He makes some nifty canvas totes and leather lanyards too. It was fun to work with Erik to come up with our collaboration Denim Heart wallet. I still fondly use that wallet everyday! 


Next up is probably the most stylish heritage fashion blogger in Germany! Nils aka @ende_denim was the dude behind the #dointheende pose on Instagram :). But when you are dressed so nicely in heritage denim and boots, you’ve got to check your cuffs every now and then! If you like beards, denim fades, heritage boots, leather goods and middle aged dudes hanging out in style, you have to follow the dude who started a dudeism in the denim community.  


Heritage Fashion

Last but not the least is Björn aka @heman.denim. I don’t know about you but everytime I see Björn, I can’t help but marvel at his viking genes! I mean look at him :). Not only is he handsome and his style on point but his photography is really on another level. This dude loved denim, Americana, Militaria and traveling. His account is a very vibrant photography blog with lots of heritage items all over. I must say I envy his John Lofgren Donkey Puncher boots! Check Björn out at: