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How to take care of wet leather?

How to take care of wet leather

So you forgot the umbrella. Again! :). Don’t worry! We have a solid article ahead on how to take care of wet leather. Firstly, leather can get wet and it is totally fine. Just be sure you know what to do when it does. Here is your first tip: act fast. Below is the rest of how to take care of wet leather goods.

Steps to take care of wet leather

  1. Dry the leather
  2. Condition the leather
  3. Protect the leather

1. Drying the leather

When drying the leather please please please don’t use a hair dryer or keep it cost to or on a radiator. This is a recipe for disaster. This is a sure way of cracking the leather shortly. The best thing you can do for the leather is to gently wipe off all the water with a dry cloth and just let it dry to almost damp naturally at room temperature away from any heat source. For bags, boots or shoes, stuff them with old newspaper. This helps to keep the shape of the item.

2. Conditioning the leather

When the leather is still damp you should apply some high quality silicon free leather conditioner generously. Massage the leather conditional to make sure that the conditioner has penetrated the leather well. If it is not a finished leather (usually very shiny) a thin coat of neatsfoot oil is a great idea. It replenishes the oils in the leather. After applying a conditioner or neatsfoot oil let it dry completely overnight. Again away from any kind of heat source.

3. Protecting the leather

When the leather has thoroughly dried, this is the time to protect the leather with a high quality silicon free leather protector. For our leathers we prefer a beeswax + neatsfoot oil based protector. Beeswax is natural and water repellent. And Neatsfoot oil just keeps the leather supply and doesn’t let it dry.

That’s it! 3 easy peasy steps to tak care of wet leather goods. I usually condition my leather belts and wallets once a year with the method described above even if they have not been wet. So no more stress of getting caught up in the rain with your favorite leather goods. Good luck!