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Add text under categories products

To display the text on the category page below the products, you need to add this code to the functions.php file in the child theme so this code is not […]

Co-create Nordic EDC Trucker Wallet!

Hi guys! I would love to get some feedback from you while I design Nordic EDC’s first ever trucker wallet. Not only is it fun for me to hear from […]

Best leather belt for selvedge denim

So you have some raw selvedge denim and you are looking for a high-quality leather belt for selvedge denim? Awesome! When it comes to raw selvedge denim jeans, the right […]

Natural veg tanned leather belt

Full grain natural veg tanned leather belt is the best leather belt that you can buy. Period. The beautiful patina that this leather develops is something else compared to the […]

How to take care of wet leather?

So you forgot the umbrella. Again! :). Don’t worry! We have a solid article ahead on how to take care of wet leather. Firstly, leather can get wet and it […]

Which leather is best for belts?

So I get asked a lot about which leather is best for belts. Here is my simple answer to which leather is the best for belts. Sustainable leather Full grain […]

How to choose the perfect wallet?

I thought it would be a great idea to answer this commonly asked question; How to choose the perfect wallet? A wallet is one of those every day carry items […]